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Grow what you love

For as long as I could remember I had wanted to make my own basil pesto because I love it. It’s something we eat a lot of with pasta and pizza and I had wanted to make some since watching Jamie Oliver do it on cooking show years ago.

Growing basil is easy, I raised some seedlings, popped them in pots with some rich well drained soil put them in full sun and off they went. I kept them well watered and every few weeks gave them a feed with sea weed solution mixed with liquid blood and bone.

I loved them and tended to them and eventually my three little basil plants grew so big I had enough to make pesto.
Out came the food processor and in went the basil leaves, some walnuts, a good handful of parmesan, a few cloves of garlic, a pinch of salt and a slosh of olive oil.

I had enough basil to make two large jars of pesto and it was without a doubt the best pesto I’ve ever had. We had it on toast with a fried egg for breakfast, of crackers with cheese for lunch, we added a spoonful to some chicken soup and of course it made the best pasta meal ever!

My basil was a success because I love basil. The biggest success you will ever have with gardening is to grow what you LOVE! There’s nothing quite like the undeniable sense of joy and complete satisfaction you feel when you eat something you have grown.

It really is that simple. If you love it you will want it to be a success and you will dedicate the time to growing it well!

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