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Why is organic gardening a better way to grow? 2018-01-27T10:37:34+10:00

Because it is quite simply better. Better for you as the food you grow will have a higher nutritional value and taste so much better. Better for your garden as it will encourage beneficial insects and worms that will naturally feed your soil and regulate pests and diseases. And better for the planet because at the heart of organic garden is recycling and reducing waste via composting.

Is the no-dig system just for growing food or can I grow anything in a no-dig garden? 2018-01-27T10:39:04+10:00

You can grow anything you like in a no dig garden, that is what makes them so great. In the workshop you will learn about how to layer materials to create the perfect growing environment for all plants, not just veggies, and they are a great way to recycle organic matter and improve the soil in your garden.

I only rent. Are the workshops still suitable for me? 2018-01-27T10:39:31+10:00

Absolutely! One of our aims at Repeat Harvest is to get everyone, no matter where they live, growing their own food. Our no-dig workshops are still relevant for people in rentals because you are not digging into the ground to build them, they can be made is raised veggie beds, in old pallets, directly on the ground with a simple edging system.

Our compost workshop is also great for people who rent because you can use the compost you make to put back into your no-dig gardens to top them up and keep feeding the soil.

And I even know of people who have made no-dig gardens at their rental, then taken it all with them when they leave. It’s amazing how attached you will get to your veggie patch.

How does the workshop run? 2018-01-27T10:40:00+10:00

All our workshops are designed for people who are starting out. We don’t want to overwhelm you with too much information all at once, so these are a great way to get a good solid understanding of the foundations of good gardening that you can build on.

Each workshop is broken down into logical modules that are supported with lots of photos, graphics and video. We recommend that you read each module and do the howework in your own time and at your own pace. If at anytime you need to brush up on your knowledge you can refer back to them, or look to the trouble shooting sections if you run into problems.

Don’t forget help is only an email away. You can contact course creator Naomi, when ever you need more info.

Does it matter where in Australia I live? Is the information still relevant? 2018-01-27T10:40:29+10:00

Good gardening principals are universal the world over so you can implement the knowledge you learn anywhere. We have been mindful of the diversity of climatic regions within Australia from the cold south to the tropics in the far north and we have made sure if there are any variants, we tell you about them in the workshops.

Our planting guides are also broken down into regions so you will always know what to plant and when.

Do I need an internet connection to do the workshop? 2018-01-27T10:40:57+10:00

Once you have downloaded your workshop you will be able to access it without an internet connection unless you are watching the video content.

The workshops have been written so you don’t need to watch the video to get the information but they are a great way to enhance what you have read and see how to do some of the important processes.


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