Top 5 reasons to have a no dig garden

//Top 5 reasons to have a no dig garden

Top 5 reasons to have a no dig garden

No dig gardening is one of those terms that we hear kicking around, but what does it actually mean? And why are they so good? Well imaging getting all the organic matter that you have lying around your garden and home, putting it into a garden bed, adding some compost then growing amazing delicious food. Sounds good doesn’t it. Well here are the top 5 reasons we love no dig gardens


The name says it all really. They are really truly, no dig. Instead of digging into and turning over the soil you layer materials on top of the ground in specific order. The final top layer is compost and this is what you can plant into straight away and the layers below break down over time and become food for your plants.


The no dig system was originally created by Australian gardener Esther Dean in Sydney in the 1970’s. Australian soils are some of the oldest and nutrient poor of anywhere on the planet. Not every back yard has rich, friable soil, so the no dig systems allow you to make a garden bed no matter where you live or what your local soils are like.


Recycle recycle recycle: This is the mantra of most gardeners, we hate to throwing anything away. No dig gardens are like big compost heaps that you grow your veggies in. You need lots of organic matter to make them, organic matter that would normally be thrown in landfill. Things like newspapers, grass clippings, coffee grounds, hedge trimmings. All these things are excellent in no dig gardens.


They save you time and money. And who could do with saving some of these. You will save time by not having to water as much or worry about pest and diseases. And you will save you money because you will be growing your own food so won’t need to buy it from the shops. And that folks will also make you very happy.


They are good for your sole. Getting outside in the clean air, head down, bum up with your hands in the soil is one of life’s greatest joys. Once you have built your no dig garden, there is nothing left to do but enjoy growing what you want to eat.

Tell us what you think! Have you got a no dig garden? And do you love it?

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