How to grow potatoes

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How to grow potatoes

Growing your own potatoes is not only easy but really rewarding. They can be grown in the ground or in large tubs and with a few simple tips you will have the best spuds in town!
Here are the main points to remember:

  • Potatoes can rot easily so make sure they have excellent drainage both in the ground and pots
  • They like the soil to be a little sweet so add some garden lime to the soil when you plant
  • Keep your spuds mounded. Once they are around 20-30cms tall mound more compost around the shoots to promote extra roots and therefore more spuds
  • Always keep the plants well mulched
  • Give them a drink of seaweed solution once a fortnight to encourage good healthy roots
  • Never eat green potatoes, they will give you an upset tummy
    And lastly…
  • Try lots of different varieties. Potatoes all grow in the same way so why not try lots of different kinds.
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