Top 5 Tips for Growing Mint

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Top 5 Tips for Growing Mint

Mint is one of those plants that the mere smell of puts you in a good mood. And it is one of the easiest herbs to grow in your garden with just a few simple tricks.

1. Mint loves water! It doesn’t mind getting wet feet as long as it doesn’t stay wet for extended periods of time. In Brisbane where the summers are long and hot, I grow mine in an old broccoli box without a hole. The polystyrene insulates it, stopping it from drying out and once a week I give it a good water. You can buy mint from any nursery but if you have friend with some it also grows very easily from cuttings. Just get a section with some stem, pop it in a glass of water till roots grow then pop it in some soil.

2. Mint loves good fertile soil. Use good quality potting mix and enrich it with compost, blood and bone, and make sure it is well mulched. Most mints are pretty vigorous, so much so that they tend to take over a little. I always grow mine in a pot to help contain it but if you are happy to let it run rampant, then by all means release the mint!

3. Mint loves a haircut! The best way to keep mint healthy is to eat it. Frequent cutting encourages new fresh growth, keeps the stems short and makes nice big juicy leaves. It also likes to be divided every few years. If it’s in a pot lift it out chop it in half with a spade then re-pot one half and either give the other half to a friend or put it in a new pot. If it’s in the ground dig up some of the older sections and given it a good prune.

4. Mint is flexible! Some sunshine or a little shade, its happy to roll with the flow.

5. Mint is tough. As long as you keep it well watered and well fertilised there isn’t much that can go wrong. The odd grass hopper may have a munch and it could get some aphids or mealy bugs but that’s about it. To stop the critters give the plant a good feed and a haircut and it will come back better than ever.
How do you love to EAT your mint?

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