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How to Make a No Dig Garden

In this course we look at how to build a no dig gardening and why they works so well.

What will you learn over 5 modules:

Module 1: The basic principals of how a no dig garden works

Module 2: Where is the best place to position your no dig garden and why position is important. How big, what shape and what sort of edging you can use to make your garden amazing.

Module 3: A comprehensive list of all the ingredients you can use to make a no dig garden. Ingredients that are easily found in and around your home or from your local hardware. Most of them things that would have ended up in landfill but we can reuse to grow food!

Module 4: Instructions on how to build a no dig garden supported with photos and video

Module 5: Tips on what great veggies and herbs to put into your new garden and how to maintain your no dig garden so it stays viable for years to come

Who is this workshop suitable for: Anyone who would like to start a garden from scratch. No dig gardens can grow anything not just veggies and they can be built on any type of soil, so is suitable for rock, sand and clay. Great for home owners and renters.

How to Make Compost

Every year thousands of tonnes of green waste ends up in landfill. Green waste that could easily be composted and used to improve our soils.

If you tried before and failed. Or if you have never tried and thought it was too hard, then this course is for you. When done right, composting is easy and you can use it to grow great food, have beautiful gardens and reduce landfill!

Written in easy to understand language, the course is full of photos and graphics to support what you’re learning.

What you’ll learn over 4 modules:

Module 1: What happens to organic matter during the composting process and how to replicate the process in the contained environment of your compost bin.

Module 2: In depth look at common composting systems and their pros and cons to see what will be the best system for you.

Module 3: Case studies to show how real households compost. Often the most successful systems use more then one method of composting.

Module 4: Trouble shooting to make sure your systems is always working effectively and how to use your compost in your garden.

Who is it suitable for: Anyone who is new to composting or has tried and failed in the past. From large families, keen gardeners, those living in apartments, home owners and renters. Everyone can compost!

BUY 2 & SAVE 20%

No Dig Garden & Compost COMBO

Buy both the How to Make Compost and How to Make a No Dig Garden courses and you’ll save 20%! If your serious about starting to grow your own food, then this is the place to start.

Set out over 8 modules we start with composting then cover how to put it to good use and make an amazing No Dig Garden.

Who are these workshops suitable for: If your serious about growing your own food, and becoming more sustainable then these combined courses will give you an excellent foundation. The key to any successful venture is planning and preparation and the step by step guide in these courses give will set you up for guaranteed success.

The ‘Ultimate Potting Mix’ Recipe

To grow great plants you need great soil. Or in this case great potting mix. What you buy commercially is a good start, but we want to make it better so plants don’t just grow, they TRIVE!

In this course we look at what to add to your potting mix to make it sing! Nearly everything you grow in a regular veggie garden can be grown in pots, without taking up a lot of space. Every sort of herb, salad greens, tomatoes, ginger, turmeric, blueberries, citrus trees, potatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, chilli, coriander, radishes… so many things can be grown in pots!

What you’ll learn over four modules:

Module 1: Not all potting mixes are created equally. We look at what make a good potting mix.

Module 2: Getting the right pot for the job and what plants to put in what size pot, plus ways to combine crops to make the most of your space.

Module 3: Pimping your potting mix! What ingredients to add to make it the ‘Ultimate Potting Mix’ including a video on how to do it.

Module 4: Where is the best place in and around your home to position your pots? You could plonk them anywhere, or you could put them in the perfect spot for outstanding crops.

Who is it suitable for: Anyone who wants to grow their own food, especially if space and time are limited. Grow food in pots is a great way to gain some confidence before launching into a veggie garden.

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Sometimes its easier to organise a group of friends and learn together. If you are in the Brisbane area and would like to have a face to face workshop then let me know.

Clubs, non for profit groups, homeschooling groups, child care and kindies, or just like minded friends… we can cater a workshop just for you and arrange for all materials and equipment to be supplied.

To find out more and get a quote… send us an email: info@repeatharvest.com.au