• There are lots of reasons why the no dig method of creating a veggie patch is successful. But quite simply it’s easy! The name says it all, NO DIG! By following the ‘recipe’ you will be creating the perfect environment for all your favourite food to grow!
  • I’m often asked “What is the best way to compost?” In this course we look at what systems are available, how they work and what is the best one for you and your household. There is no one perfect way for everyone, because everyone and every household is different.
  • Buy both the How to Make Compost and How to Make a No Dig Garden courses and you'll save 20%! If your serious about starting to grow your own food, and become more sustainable, then this is the place to start.
  • To grow great plants you need great soil. Or in this case great potting mix. What you buy commercially is a good start, but we want to make it better so plants don't just grow but they thrive!