How to Make a No Dig Garden

//How to Make a No Dig Garden

How to Make a No Dig Garden


There are lots of reasons why the no dig method of creating a veggie patch is successful. But quite simply it’s easy! The name says it all, NO DIG! By following the ‘recipe’ you will be creating the perfect environment for all your favourite food to grow!

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In this course we look at how to build a no dig gardening and why they works so well.

What will you learn over 5 modules:
Module 1: The basic principals of how a no dig garden works

Module 2: Where is the best place to position your no dig garden and why position is important. How big, what shape and what sort of edging you can use to make your garden amazing.

Module 3: A comprehensive list of all the ingredients you can use to make a no dig garden. Ingredients that are easily found in and around your home or from your local hardware. Most of them things that would have ended up in landfill but we can reuse to grow food!

Module 4: Instructions on how to build a no dig garden supported with photos and video

Module 5: Tips on what great veggies and herbs to put into your new garden and how to maintain your no dig garden so it stays viable for years to come

Who is this workshop suitable for: Anyone who would like to start a garden from scratch. No dig gardens can grow anything not just veggies and they can be built on any type of soil, so is suitable for rock, sand and clay. Great for home owners and renters.


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