How to Make Compost

//How to Make Compost

How to Make Compost


I’m often asked “What is the best way to compost?” In this course we look at what systems are available, how they work and what is the best one for you and your household. There is no one perfect way for everyone, because everyone and every household is different.

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Every year thousands of tonnes of green waste ends up in landfill. Green waste that could easily be composted and used to improve our soils. The How to Make Compost course is full of all the information you need to make great compost at home, successfully!
If you tried before and failed. Or if you have never tried and thought it was too hard, then this course is for you. When done right, composting is easy and you can use it to grow great food, have beautiful gardens and reduce landfill!

Written in easy to understand language, the course is full of photos and graphics to support what you’re learning.

What you’ll learn over 4 modules:
Module 1: What happens to organic matter during the composting process and how to replicate the process in the contained environment of your compost bin. We look at all the things you can, and can’t, put in your compost.

Module 2: In depth look at common composting systems and their pros and cons to see what will be the best composting system for you.

Module 3: Case studies to show how real households compost. Often the most successful systems use more then one method of composting.

Module 4: Trouble shooting to make sure your systems is always working effectively and how to use your compost in your garden.

Who is it suitable for: Anyone who is new to composting or has tried and failed in the past. From large families, keen gardeners, those living in apartments, home owners and renters. Everyone can compost!


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